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About Men's Pocket Watch

A men's pocket watch was once responsible for keeping trains running on schedule, starting the theatre production on time, and ensuring husbands were home in time for dinner. In the roaring 20s, men fashioned these watches in all different shapes and sizes. Prior to the popularity of the wristwatch, a pocket watch was the standard men's accessory. Today, a men's antique pocket watch carries the wearer back in time to a simpler day prior to World War I. Although regular use of pocket watches declined in the 1930s, just 50 years later, the trend returned with the resurgence of the three-piece suit. With a small vest pocket perfectly fitted for a vintage men?s pocket watch, these suits allowed more modern gentleman to appreciate this traditional piece of history. Even in high fashion, steampunk has brought the men?s pocket watch to a new generation of young users who embrace the Victorian era with a modern edge. Use eBay to find authentic or replica watches from a wide range of sellers. Bring out your eccentric side, and don't be late.