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About Men's Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are not just for women. Men's platform shoes serve a variety of purposes. In fact, for centuries men wore high heels as a form of riding footwear, as the heel helped the rider secure his stance when standing in the stirrup to shoot his bow and arrow. Today, men wear platform shoes for two main reasons: they want a bit of a boost in height, or for costume purposes. Platform shoes for lift are attractive and subtle, often resembling regular shoes. So you get a little taller, and no one but you knows your secret. All types of shoes, from sneakers to leather work boots to dress shoes, come in platform varieties. And for the costume-wearing crowd, the options on eBay are virtually limitless. From men's disco platform shoes to men's vintage platform shoes, you can find exactly what you want, no matter how outrageous. Choose from sequins, glitter, animal prints, and impossibly high heels, and let your wild side shine. Whatever the reason you are looking for men's platform shoes, the perfect pair awaits you.