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About Mens Pendant

Looking at the photograph of your father reminds you of how many times he would engulf you in his arms and how you would find comfort just touching the men?s pendant that hung from around his neck. Now, as you look at your own little girl, you think of how much she adores her father, so you decide to look on eBay and find your husband a men?s gold pendant to replace the silver pendant that he lost while he was overseas. You?re very pleased to find several options to choose from, and it doesn?t take you long to select the one that suits your husband?s personality. The 10K solid yellow gold crucifix cross pendant that you choose is made in Italy and is certain to look elegant on his solid gold chain. In addition, the 31.0mm-length charm is 18.5 mm wide and has a weight of 0.9 grams, so it?s not too weighty or gaudy for his tastes. When the stunning new men?s pendant arrives, you give it to your grateful husband, and before long, your little girl is finding comfort grasping the cross as she falls asleep.