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About Men s Pajamas

One of those purchases you really should make online at eBay rather than turning into an errand: new men's pajamas. Plus you get to escape overly helpful salespeople who might turn a five-minute stop into 50 minutes, as if you're buying a wedding tuxedo and not pajamas. There's research backing up the fact that assigning clothing for sleeping helps give you deeper, more satisfying rest. Manufacturers design pajamas for comfort, although they can look ready for flaunting as well if you choose the right fabric and print. But where's the fun in not expressing your rather embarrassing love of Spongebob in your sleepwear? Historically, men went to bed in nightgowns, just like women. And then fashion evolved and trousers meant for bed became the standard. Pajama pants in silk, satin, or cotton for summer, and flannel for the winter, became the hoity-toity sleepwear for the wealthy. Men's pajamas then filtered down to the masses, until they became what they are today, with options including scandalously cute and comfy pajama shorts, something your mother has to remind you to wash, or buy again.