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About Men's Onyx Ring

Men looking to add to a jewelry collection may think that there are few options out there. However, a men?s onyx ring has long been a popular choice in jewelry for males. While this stone is available in a variety of colors, the men?s black onyx ring is the most widely worn. Settings for these stones are available in all precious metals. The men?s sterling silver onyx ring setting is one particularly popular choice. New and used settings in all colors of gold, platinum, and other metals are available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Your black onyx gemstone could be highly polished, faceted, or smooth. It could bear a precious metal initial or be surrounded in its setting by other precious stones. The possibilities are endless with this stone, which, as an added bonus, purports to offer the wearer protection and healing. Should you need self-confidence and a heightened healthy egotism, the men?s onyx ring could be just what you need. It also is said to provide protection from negativity, and who could not use more of that?