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About Men's Dress Shirts

Chameleons communicate by changing their colors. Men's dress shirts allow you to do the same. They tell people what kind of a man you are, how seriously to take you, and how much respect to give you. Dress shirts are made of a few essential properties. They have a button-up front with a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs, and they come in countless colors and patterns. They are usually made of cotton or wool and are normally but not exclusively worn in business casual and formal settings. Buttoned cuffs and collar mean that you are off to a business meeting. Rolled-up sleeves and an unbuttoned collar means you are cool and casual, ready for a night on the town. Men's white dress shirts are standard for both settings, but do not be afraid to experiment. Many men look relaxed in a blue shirt and appear powerful in a black one. Slim fit dress shirts create clean lines around the contours of your body. eBay has men's dress shirts to match every taste, so you can go out looking like a man was meant to: stylish, composed, and respected.