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About Men's Cologne

Your son is becoming quite the young man about town lately, because he’s discovering who he’s becoming—as well as discovering girls—at the ripe old age of 14. As a result, he asks you to do him a big favor and buy him some men’s cologne like his father always wears. His school is having a big spring dance, and he would like to wear some of that cologne on his big date. You know that his Dad is a huge fan of Nautica cologne, so you decide to try to find a good deal on it by shopping on eBay. After browsing the listings from some very reliable sellers, you find a Nautica men’s cologne set for him and order it that day. The night of the dance, your son looks so handsome in his dark blue suit, and after taking way too many pictures to suit him, your son insists that it is time to go. Rushing you to the car, you realize that he is extremely nervous about his first real date. You touch his arm and assure him that everything will be fine, while reminding him to just be himself. As he is leaving, you bend down and lightly kiss his cheek, telling him “You look handsome, and you smell really good too!”