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For a timepiece with the latest technology, choose a men's Citizen Eco-Drive watch. Unlike other men's Citizen sports watches, it is solar powered. Find new or used men's Citizen watches to match your style on eBay. Learn more about men's watches.

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About Men's Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

You glance at your watch only to notice the hands have not budged, and since time does not simply stop at random in this universe, the most likely explanation is that your battery is dead. With men's Citizen Eco-Drive watches, you never have to replace watch batteries again. Their innovative construction consists of highly efficient silicon solar panels under a translucent face, which lets enough light pass through to power the watch. The panel continuously absorbs light from any source, natural or artificial, and converts it to energy for the secondary battery, some of which can store enough energy for the watch to function for over 150 days in the dark. For water sports enthusiasts, there is a range of men's Citizen Eco-Drive diver's watches, great for diving as well as everyday wear. These often include extra-large, luminescent hands and hour markers to let you tell time more easily underwater. For casual use, you can find many men's leather Citizen Eco-Drive watches with a range of different colored leather and almost any type of face. Whichever type you prefer, the sellers on eBay have a vast selection of men's Citizen Eco-Drive watches to suit you.