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About Memphis Subwoofer

Sometimes it is not enough to just hear your music, you want to feel it too. A Memphis subwoofer is the sort of upgrade your car's sound system is in desperate need of. Memphis subwoofers provide the heavy dose of bass you are clamoring for, and luckily a new subwoofer is easy to install. Memphis Car Audio has been producing high quality sound systems since 1965. From the birthplace of blues and rock and roll, this is a company dedicated to delivering a crisp sound through your car audio speakers. There is a vast inventory of Memphis subwoofers available on eBay that allow you the chance equip your car for the ultimate sonic experience. Memphis manufactures a number of different subwoofers to meet your personal preferences. Peak power handling depends on the model you choose, with some reaching 500 watts or more and others maxing out at around 300 watts. Grab a Memphis subwoofer for your car, and start enjoying your music like you have never enjoyed it before.

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