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About Melittas

Wake up and smell the coffee?coffee brewed in your Melitta coffee maker, that is. Since 1908, Melitta has been in the business of making good coffee. In fact, did you know that Melitta Bentz, the owner of the company, is the one credited with creating the first coffee filter? Yep, that's a fact. So, the next time you place a filter in your coffeemaker or in your single cup brewing holder, take a moment and think of her contribution to your delicious cup of morning coffee. On eBay, you can find a broad selection of brand new, gently used, and vintage Melitta coffee makers, mill brews, and ceramics, among others. Whether you are looking for Melitta coffee filters or pods, reliable sellers offer a great way to enjoy a steaming mug of this black liquid. Wake yourself up in the morning and get yourself through the day with a cup made using your Melitta coffee maker.

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