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About Mega Bloks Dragons

Modern technology has opened up huge opportunities for children, but it is still helpful for them to build and imagine without a screen in front of them. Mega Bloks Dragons give them the opportunity to build and play with creativity and imagination. Although this range from Mega Bloks is discontinued, there is a vast inventory of the toys still available on eBay. The range is based on a classic storyline that involves castles, knights, and dragons. Children can create their own scenarios wherein battles are fought, feuds are settled, and powerful individuals wrestle for control over kingdoms, all using the large, rounded blocks. Some of the more popular sets include the Mega Bloks Dragon Ship sets. They include pieces to build the Man-of-War ship, which resembles a pirate ship and features a carved dragon head at the bow. Mega Bloks Dragon Eggs are also popular. You can get a range of different dragons, which come inside eggs that hatch open. Kids can also enjoy playing with their favorite characters from the Mega Bloks Dragons feature film, including Prince Dev, Princess Kyra, and Thoron, the King of the Dragons. These characters and all the pieces necessary to build fantastical worlds provide hours of playful fun.