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About Media Guides

Buying a game program or a media guide at a sporting event is as timeless as purchasing a hot dog at a ballpark is. For fans, game programs contain articles, season and career player statistics, and information on opposing teams, but purchasing one isn’t just a practical decision. Just as game programs became reminders of personal memories and tokens to recall the glory days, a specific time in history, or just a fun day at the stadium, so did media guides become a pre-season mainstay for sports fans who never compromise when it comes to getting to know their favorite teams. For collectors, they provide a unique glimpse into the history of professional and amateur sports organizations, representing a distinctive perspective on the goals and aspirations of the organization before the season began, when nothing was decided and anything was possible. On eBay, collectors can find a variety of this historic material, and while a football media guide or a baseball media guide are perhaps more traditional, you can expect to uncover this press-related material for any sport or team which stimulates your interest. Though they may not come with a hot dog, a media guide can serve not only as a source of information, but also as a valuable memento of your favorite team.