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About Medela Freestyle

Encased in a chic black tote bag, the Medela Freestyle breast pump helps busy moms on the go pump efficiently. The double electric breast pump includes a rechargeable battery that helps to make pumping more convenient. The vast inventory on eBay includes many new breast pumps, which also include an AC adapter that works to charge the pump. A removable cooler bag lets you pump and then store the milk for when you need it. An ice pack is also included in the set for times when you may be at work or running errands and need to keep milk fresh. Bottles and lids are also included so that you have everything you need in order to pump and feed your baby later on. The Medela pump makes pumping more efficient, so you can get back to your busy life. The pump is ideal for moms who pump multiple times a day and because it is a double electric breast pump, it takes up less of your time away from your baby. The device weighs only a pound and its lightweight makes it easy to transport.