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About Medeco

Medeco began building locks in 1968, and the design was so new and innovative that the designer, Roy C. Spain, offered a bounty of fifty thousand dollars to anyone who could pick the lock. Ultimately, a New York City detective was able to pick the lock twice, but he was the only one who could. Today, a Medeco deadbolt is considered to be just as secure as it was when first patented. You can find all sorts of locks from the company, ranging from deadbolts you can install into a door, to gate locks and even a Medeco padlock for other applications. The locks are just as difficult to bypass now as they were when they were first put into the marketplace, but Medeco is always looking for new ways to keep their locks secure. With the wide range of knowledgeable sellers on eBay, you can find a lock that is perfect for whatever you need to keep under lock and key.