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About Medals

Most people think of the army when they heard the word medal, and while it's true that for many people in the military a medal is a mark of honor or skill, did you know that there are types other than military medals? Religious medals depicting saints are popular among Catholics for instance, and medals are also used as prizes in sports or given out as commemorative items to signify participation in events. Similarly, medals of a military nature are also awarded to commemorate participation in specific actions or campaigns, while others are given to reward displays of particular skill. The most familiar medals to many are those given for exceptional displays of valor and courage, such as the most famous US medal, the Purple Heart. eBay's reliable sellers offer all types of medals from all over the world, ensuring that there will never be an end to your collection's potential for growth. A medal is made to be displayed on a person or in a display case; it would be a shame to leave them lying around on the Internet.