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About Measuring Cups

Sugar. Spice. Everything nice. If you are not one of those cooks who eyeballs all of their ingredients then you need measuring cups to help you figure out how much of what goes where. Measuring cups are perfect for measuring out the exact amount of ingredient you want. Some recipes do not hold up if you add too much or too little of an ingredient into the mix. A glass measuring cup is perfect for baking and has a small spout on the end to help keep direction of the batter when you are pouring it. The glass cup has multiple measurements on it so you are never struggling to find four or five different individual cups. The numbers and measurements are big enough to read. A measuring cup set includes multiple measuring cups to ensure that you have the basic and most common measurements. You will find these cups are convenient to use and can be tossed right in with your silverware. If you are looking for differently colored and sized measuring cups, browse the huge inventory offered by the many reliable sellers on eBay.