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About McDonalds Transformers

You carefully place the 1985 "Gears" Transformer figurine into the display case. With this acquisition, your collection of McDonalds Transformer toys is complete. Since 1985, McDonalds has issued a selection of Transformer promotional figurines, initially in support of the various cartoon series, and later as a tie-in to the movies. The company also released its own line of McDonalds food Transformers, called Changeables, which featured various food items and was an attempt by the fast food chain to capitalize on the Transformers craze. You can find many of the McDonalds Transformer toys on eBay, all sold by reliable sellers. One popular promotion includes the line of Transformers Beast Wars figurines and focuses on a range of characters from the cartoon series. This was followed by a similar promotion two years later that focused on the Transmetals sub-line of the Beast Wars cartoon. Grab your collection of Transformers today and roll out.

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