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About McDonalds Toys

For many kids around the world, the best part of getting a Happy Meal is not the tasty burger and fries. Instead, it is the McDonald's toy that comes with it that attracts their attention. The fast food giant first started offering toys in the 1960s, but this did not become a regular thing until McDonald's Happy Meal toys first came out in 1979. They have been delighting children from across the globe ever since. Each meal comes with a different toy, letting kids collect sets featuring their favorite characters. Toys often tie in with popular movies and shows like "Batman," "Madagascar," and "Spider-Man." Many also come as smaller versions of popular toys like Barbie and "Monster High" dolls, TY beanie babies, Hello Kitty, and LEGO bricks. Some vintage McDonald's toys are collector's items, and 1980s and 1990s toys featuring My Little Pony, the Muppets, and other retro children's favorites can be worth good money in their original packaging or in complete sets. Whether you collect nostalgic children's toys or you want to add to your child's Happy Meal toy collection, you can find a large inventory of McDonald's toys on eBay, including international collectibles and lots made up of many different toys.