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About McDonald's Shirts

French fries sizzle in hot oil, patties smoke on the grill, and apple pie is dished up two at a time in hot wax paper sleeves. A McDonald's shirt instantly brings everything about the inimitable restaurant experience right to the forefront of your mind. Red McDonald's polo shirts are very tidy with their breast pockets and yellow collars, and they have a conservative, businesslike cut suited to company picnics and weekend cookouts when you want to bring a little flash and dash to your grill mastery. A McDonald's uniform shirt can also be a good idea to keep around if you have a job there, as extras are always useful. If you used to work at the restaurant, it can be a nice memento of your time in their chaotic kitchens and prep areas where slinging hash is down to a science and every distance between countertops and storage space for condiments has been run through a dozen calculation machines. You can find McDonald's shirts through the vast inventory of branded clothing and working attire maintained on eBay.