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About McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

You still remember the thrill of opening up the box for your Happy Meal and discovering the toy that waited inside. Since it became a staple of the kids' meal in the 1980s, the McDonald's Happy Meal toy has remained an iconic part of childhood, and it is no surprise that the various toys produced over the years have become such collectible items. Whether you are looking for an iconic toy from your own childhood or are looking for collectible McDonald's Happy Meals toys from throughout the decades, you can find a large inventory of both single and bulk packages of toys on eBay. The toys represent classic movies, television shows, and cartoons. McDonald's Happy Meal toy "My Little Pony" figurines are available featuring both classic characters and those from the hit reboot, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." Also popular are McDonald's Happy Meal toy Transformers. Any collector who purchased Happy Meals in the 1980s and 1990s remembers the transforming burgers, shakes, and fries inspired by the robots of the hit TV franchise. Relive your childhood with the Happy Meal toys that delighted you as a kid.

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