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About McDavid HexPad

On the court or on the field, you get so engrossed in the game you forget you're not indestructible. Athletes who engage in full contact sports in which they run the risk of injury should wear McDavid HexPad protective gear. If you have a promising career ahead of you, don?t let yourself be put out of commission because you took a rough hit to the hips. The Thudd short, for example, is made of the patented McDavid HexPad technology to ensure they are lightweight enough so they don?t hinder your movement, you can breathe while running on the field, and the material will move and conform to our body for continual protection throughout practice and the game. Even if you don?t play a rough contact sport, you can benefit from wearing HexPad shirts. These shirts are available on eBay and they are what stand between you and a broken rib in a game of basketball that may get too heated. You never know how badly you can get elbowed until it is too late. Why leave it to chance? Be proactive when it comes to protecting your body?it?s the only one you?ve got.