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About McCoy Pottery

As you entered your home after your long trip, you were so thankful to see that the new housekeeper had carefully dusted all your McCoy pottery pieces. You had worried about them, since you had to hire a new housekeeper and then leave for a week on a business trip. Sitting in the corner with artificial flowers in it was your McCoy vase. You gazed intently at it and the great job she had done of getting all the dust from every crevice. Then, as you entered the kitchen, horror overtook you. Lying on the counter were the broken pieces of your favorite McCoy pottery cookie jar. Beside the broken pieces was a note from the housekeeper telling you that she had accidentally broken it and that she was very sorry. You wanted to cry, but instead, you turned to the reliable sellers on eBay. Before your eyes appeared the very same McCoy pottery piece that your new housekeeper had accidentally broken. Thanks to convenient shipping methods, your cookie jar arrived safely to you in just a couple of days. You were so thankful that you decided to forgive the housekeeper and let her continue to work for you.