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About Mazinger

Fans of the long running mecha-themed manga and anime, Mazinger, can rejoice in the opportunity to expand their collections. Popular with mecha enthusiasts since its inception in the early 1970s, Mazinger issues and incarnations are a hit with young and seasoned manga and anime devotees and aficionados. Resource the hundreds of listings on eBay for a new, previously owned, or even vintage Mazinger Z figure, or prepare fora marathon viewing with individual or box set Mazinger DVDs. Imagine your top disply shelf or cabinet lined with a collection of Mazinger figures from throughout the years, each more evolved than the last. Share rare or celebrated issues or read for the first time about the ever changing Mazinger, the bizarre villains of the series, and the evil Mecha Armies by investing in lots and collections of the popular manga. Get drawn into the intense and elaborate futuristic world of the Mazinger mechas. You may never want to leave.