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About Mazda RX3

If you live a quarter of a mile from your nearest grocery store, the Mazda RX3 can get you there in less than 18 seconds. You have enough room in the back for all your groceries, and it is reliable enough to start up again for the 18 second journey home. There are family cars made today that would struggle to match this sort of performance, but the Mazda RX3 has been doing it since 1971. Production lasted until 1978, so there is a vast inventory of RX3s available on eBay. This includes the Mazda RX3 SP. The engines Mazda put in the car are the rotary-powered 12A and 10A engines. The top model produces 115 pound-feet of torque. It is that rotary-powered engine that makes the RX3 fun to drive, much like the modern Mazda RX8 R3. The rotary-powered engine gives Mazda cars several benefits. In particular, they are small engines as well as being powerful, so are ideal for cars like the RX3. The styling of this classic car is unmistakably 1970s, and it is available as a station wagon or a sedan.