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About Mazda 3 Emblem

For most onlookers, the emblem is the first indicator of your vehicle's make, and if it is marred by unsightly scratches or other damage, it may feel like your car's whole identity is compromised. Luckily, a Mazda 3 emblem is easy to replace, so you can get back to looking sharp in no time. Look for front grill emblems with the signature stylized "M" within an oval in bright chrome. If the back of your vehicle needs attention, look for a Mazda 3 rear emblem made up of a simple, yet sleek and highly stylized three-dimensional "M" shape in black or chrome. If you need to replace the chrome "3" featured on your grill, fender, tailgate, trunk lid or hatch, or add one, the vast inventory on eBay includes many options as well. Many of these emblems are self-adhesive, meaning that all you need to do to install them is clean the surface and dry it thoroughly before peeling off the backing of the Mazda 3 emblem and pressing it on exactly where it belongs.

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