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About Mayonnaise

Spread on a sandwich, baked in a cake, or whipped up in salads, mayonnaise is one of those versatile condiments that, the longer it is around, the more sweet and savory uses are found for it. Whether you are an amateur chef who loves experimenting, or someone who simply loves to play with different flavors in your food, you can sample a single mayonnaise jar or more. Choose market brands such as Duke's and Blue Plate, or find brands such as Japanese imports Kewpie and NISSIN Oillio or Trader Joe's wasabi mayonnaise. Tote mayonnaise packets along on picnics, to the beach, or just keep a few of your favorite brand in your purse to use at lunch. Now, if you are a mayonnaise aficionado who also happens love great vintage finds, believe it or not you can combine your two loves into one glorious shopping spree. Thanks to reliable sellers on eBay, you can choose from a selection of early 20th century mayonnaise jars from companies such as Best Foods, Borden's, Hom-De-Lite, and many others. What a cool way to store nuts, granola, or candy on your kitchen shelves, or fill them with marbles or potpourri for pretty displays in your windows or on side tables. A delight for the tummy and the eyes - mayonnaise is versatile, indeed.

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