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About Maybelline Mascara

Maybe you are born with fantastic, long lashes. If not, at least you have Maybelline mascara. In seconds, Maybelline mascara takes your lashes from downtrodden to dashing, with the touch of a magic wand. In one fell swoop, your can define your lashes, curl them, and add length or volume. Some mascaras feature benefits like moisturizer or a waterproof formula, keeping your makeup from streaming down your face. Volumizing formulas like Maybelline Volume Express mascara makes a nice option for plumping your lashes. This mascara features a tube with two brushes — the larger brush covers the upper lashes, while the smaller fits the lower lashes. This mascara features a quick-dry formula, keeping your lashes separate immediately after applying. Both brushes feature gently curving wands, which give lashes a slight curl. To make your lashes stand out, consider the Maybelline Define A Lash mascara. This mascara features a sleek, low-profile brush that lengthens and separates lashes. You can find this mascara in a waterproof version, although it comes in a traditional wash-off version too. A large variety of mascaras on eBay gives you plenty of room for exploring. In addition to mascaras, you might enhance a lengthy lash look with false lashes or primers. For clean removal, consider eye makeup remover, which washes off mascara without irritating lashes.