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About Mayan

The mysterious Mayan culture has long enthralled antique lovers, archaeologists, and history enthusiasts, and if the unique antiques put a spell on you as well, you can find everything from hanging artwork to a Mayan statue by shopping on eBay as a means of bringing a cool, tribal look to your home. Mayan pottery is popular for a reason, because these sturdy pieces are well made, beautiful, and were probably made to hold some interesting things, like snuff or even poisons. As another option, one of their masks makes a compelling addition to any home or office, because the intricately carved pieces were made to pay homage to deities or to honor the dead. Mayans typically made their art from either wood or stone, and they also painted murals depicting daily life. They are also known for their calendar, while Aztec versions of our daily planners are beautiful and haunting as well. Though the members of this ancient civilization didn't have much when it came to raw materials or tools, their creative culture managed to put their mark on all types of artwork that still amazes people today, and you can bring a bit of their mythos to your home by adding some authentic Mayan antiques to it.