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About Maxfield Parrish

Childhood memories of the illustrations in your favorite books fill you with joy. Maxfield Parrish created magical worlds with the cobalt blue color at its center, which came to have the label "Parrish Blue." Feminine beauties draped in classical gowns feature in works of art against backgrounds of radiant tones, including rich reds and electric violets. If you are a fan of handsome knights, winsome maidens, and fire-breathing dragons, you can find them in fairytale scenes featuring billowing cloudy skies. The pictures show a harmonious and idealistic world that makes Maxfield Parrish one of the best loved American illustrators of the early 20th century. Parrish had an influence on other modern artists, such as Andy Warhol, who collected his work, as well as Norman Rockwell. You can find a lush framed print to hang on your wall by searching the large inventory on eBay. Stare into the make-believe scenes on days when you just want to drift off into your imagination. Alternatively, look for book covers with Parrish illustrations to grace your coffee table.