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About Max Factor

Wait, what is that stuff you put on your face every morning, make-up, right? Right, thanks to Max Factor who coined the term along with introducing many other breakthrough items in the beauty industry throughout his work as a Hollywood makeup artist in the early 20th century. Although he died in 1938, the line of Max Factor makeup, which he first introduced in the 1909, still appears on bathroom counters across the world. Women of all ethnicities and with diverse needs use his company's mascara, lipstick, foundation, and more on a daily basis. They opt for this line of items precisely because of its history and focus on glamour for all women. The smart ones among these women also know that buying everything from eye shadow and mascara to the much-loved Lipfinity line of lipsticks via eBay helps them save money since many sellers offer lots of items as well as rare and vintage finds. Looking your best does not need to be hard work. In fact, as the Max Factor Company mission clearly reminds us: with the right tools and skills, any woman can be glamorous.