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About Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper turns your ordinary mattress into a pillow top mattress. They are often made of memory foam, the substance used in TempurPedic beds, and some models are indeed made by the TempurPedic company. Others are made of other types of foam lining, but all of them give an extra layer of comfort and softness on top of the main support provided by springs or air. The mattress topper usually goes underneath the mattress pad, and it comes in different sizes to fit different sizes of mattress, like a King mattress topper, Queen mattress topper, and so on. You can find many different types on eBay in various thicknesses, made by Sealy, Simmons, and by other fine manufacturers, and sold by reliable vendors. If you want the benefits of a pillow top mattress without giving up the perfectly good mattress you already have, a mattress topper is worth looking into.