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About Math

Teaching your child math can be fun if you have the right tools to help you. Math manipulatives are an excellent resource because they help your little one visualize the concepts. For instance, the bright colors of adding and subtracting blocks help your child understand that two red blocks plus two blue blocks equals four blocks total. You can find manipulatives kits that include play money to help with counting money, pie pieces to help learn fractions, and cubes to help learn their base ones, tens, and hundreds. When you look back on your own struggles with math as a child, you may have thought that learning the subject would have been so much easier if you had games to help learn. Now, there are plenty of math games available on eBay to keep the learning process fun. Your child will want to continue learning math concepts and they could be the next Stephen Hawking?all because you introduced them to math at a young age and made it fun.