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About Maternity Shirts

As the clock ticks away towards motherhood, your baby seems to grow larger by the minute. But you grow right along with your child, and before long, it is time to start wearing stretchy pants and maternity shirts. These shirts, like expectant mothers themselves, come in many different styles and sizes. If you are embracing your expanding waistline with a sense of humor, you can call attention to your midsection with funny maternity shirts bearing phrases like "here comes trouble," "baby on board," and "the more the merrier." If you prefer a more modest look in style and coverage, you can choose frilly, ruffled, loose-fitting cute maternity shirts, which come in all sizes, from small and medium to large and extra-large. If you find yourself too tired to hit the mall, you can conveniently use eBay to browse for new and used maternity shirts to match your personal taste and style.