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About Matco Socket Set

You want to avoid having a wrench thrown in your plans when it comes to car maintenance. Unless, of course, you are making repairs with a Matco socket set. These handy socket wrenches and attachments tighten and loosen various nuts and bolts in your car engine and elsewhere, keeping them from slipping off and giving you easy access for repairs. Matco kits come pre-packaged in complete sets that contain sockets in all shapes and sizes. They include items in standard and metric sizes designed for easy use, and searching by size generally yields best results. You can look for a Matco 1/4-inch socket set to fit your equipment, or you might see the perfect Matco 3/8-inch socket set to tackle tough targets. A typical Matco socket set contains up to 40 different items with pieces that vary in size and shape to access tight corners and difficult places. Socket types include hex bit sockets, metric hex bit sockets, slotted screwdriver bit sockets, and more. Some socket sets contain additional parts such as adapters and fasteners. They feature performance-enhancing qualities like smooth, polished ends and corrosion-prevention coverings to last a lifetime. Peruse a large inventory of new and used items available from reliable sellers on eBay to find the right set for your repairs.