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About Matches

Hikers and campers know how important it is to have plenty of matches in their gear. Heaven forbid you get lost in the middle of nowhere and it gets cold at night. At least if you have matches, you?ll be able to cook your food and keep warm. However, the question remains?which matches should you use? Should you use strike anywhere matches or safety matches. For strike anywhere, you don?t need the striking strip usually found on the side of the match box. You could lose the entire book of matches except for one and still be able to create a fire. If you like to play it safe, you could go with traditional camping matches. They are longer matches made of wood, and you have to strike them on the side of the box. Just be warned, with waterproof matches, even if the match itself is waterproof, the strip is not. Once the strip gets wet, the matches become nearly useless. Therefore, you may want to get a protective cover from eBay to keep them dry. There?s no point in having waterproof matches if the strip doesn?t work.