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About Matchbox Police

If your little guy thrills to the sound of police sirens, give him his own personal squad of Matchbox police vehicles, and let him catch bad guys to his heart's content. Available in multiple styles, the toys and collectibles let your mini peace officers patrol the streets and dole out justice. Collectors look for vintage police vehicles to add to their vast inventory of die-cast cars. Start your child off on the right foot with a Matchbox police set from the Heroes series line. The sets come with multiple police vehicles including different cars, trucks, and even police helicopters. Let your child set up his cars at a Matchbox police station. Each playset offers a jail to hold criminals and additional landing zones for helicopters and ramps to launch the police cars at full speed. If you want to collect items from the Matchbox police line, focus on specific manufacturers like the Matchbox Ford police, which includes vintage and modern Ford police cars in different paint jobs. Find a large selection of new and used Matchbox police products on eBay. Go ahead, make yourself a captain.