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About Matchbox Models of Yesteryear

Matchbox model cars has a line called the Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, mainly the design work of Leslie Smith, founder of Lesney Products. The models are, as the name implies, based on real cars, like the Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Bentley, and various Matchbox Models of Yesteryear fire trucks. Others are fashioned after the Bugatti, the Ford Model T, a London bus, Rolls Royce models, a 1907 Pugeot, and even a horse-drawn fire engine from 1905 made by Shand Mason. Each car is meticulously crafted and bears a close resemblance to the original. They are sold by lot as well as individually, and you can find both offered on eBay by reliable sellers. Matchbox is a major name in toy cars. If you collect models and have an interest in old-fashioned, antique, and vintage types of automobiles and trucks, you'll definitely want to check out Matchbox Models of Yesteryear.