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About Lesney Matchboxes

Sitting in a derelict pub in North London, two men work into the night, crafting matchbox toys for children around the world. The humble beginning of Matchbox Lesney makes the toys even more attractive for vintage toy collectors. Whether you want one of the simple 1940s originals or an item that went on sale last week, eBay's sellers offer Matchbox toys from a range of eras to make your collecting dreams a reality. If you are just starting your collection, a Matchbox Lesney lot is a great way to begin. Featuring multiple matchbox toys, these lots offer great deals on large quantities. Some collectors have their hearts set on specific items. For example, you may want to collect a Matchbox Lesney VW to feed your love for all things Volkswagen. Building a set around your favorite brand is usually easy. Early diecast toys from the Matchbox Lesney collection are delicate and take your mind back to the past. Get your collection started today and take advantage of the convenient shipping options offered by sellers.