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About Matchbox Cases

Children growing up in the 1950s and beyond often had a stash of small die-cast cars that they loved to play with, race with, and collect. Matchbox cars hit the tracks of the toy industry in 1953, and these tiny cars and their Matchbox cases continue to be some of the most popular and well-loved toys around. Since these tiny cars are so affordable, amassing a vast collection becomes easy, but you need something in which to store them. To that end, Matchbox cases serve two purposes: They keep the collectible cars safely stored, and they allow you to display your treasured collection. Vintage Matchbox carry cases are often made of plastic and metal, and they typically feature a convenient carry handle. You can drive back to the past when you shop for a retro Matchbox car case on eBay from reliable sellers. Some cases even open to show each car inside its own clear vinyl slot, making it easy to select one, while some others offer cardboard dividers between each toy vehicle. Collecting the cars is only half the fun; opening your Matchbox case and admiring your collection is the other.