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About Matchboxes

The contestants line up at the starting line for the beginning of the race around the dreaded figure-eight racetrack. As they race off the line, your Matchbox cars zoom around the track narrowly missing each other at the intersection of smash-and-crash lane. Browsing listings from the trusted sellers on eBay in search of a variety of cars, you come across many that pique your interest. A Matchbox lot makes it easy to add multiple cars to your existing collection in one convenient purchase. New and used cars in various styles, ranging from road cars, service vehicles, and race cars, can be found bundled together in lots. A Matchbox case is the perfect choice for collectors who want a quick way to take cars from place to place. For those with even larger collections, a large car display, capable of storing 65 individual vehicles, can make organization simple. Proudly display all of your Matchbox cars in one convenient location in your home.