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About Massey Harris

As a tractor collector and restorer, you spend hours finding parts for your collection. Luckily, Massey Harris parts are easy to find online. The agricultural equipment company created tractors starting in the 1930s and continues into the present. The Massey Harris tractor is a very collectible piece for those who collect antique farm equipment. Models made in the 1930s such as the GP 15/22, Pacemaker, and the 101 are popular. Another popular model is the Massey Harris Pony, a tractor manufactured between 1948 and 1957. When you have a project tractor, you must find parts for it. Some collectors have parts custom made, but other might choose to order parts salvaged from other antique tractors, which keeps a better value. Regardless of what way you choose to get parts, you can find them on eBay. The reliable sellers on eBay offer many different parts for Massey Harris farm equipment, especially for the most popular antique models. Once you order the parts you need, you can get to work restoring your very own tractor.