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About Masquerade Masks

Halloween is a season of hidden faces and concealed identities, a time when anyone could be anything behind their masks. A masquerade mask is one of the most classic expressions of this ethos there is, an intimate and elegant domino that hides part of the face, usually from the base of the nose to the brow, and meshes well with a classic style of costume dress. These masks are made in a number of styles, including butterfly themed masks, and with differing intended lifespans depending on whether they are made of lacquered paper, ceramics, or other materials. Gold is a popular color for these masks and often includes architectural embellishments meant to increase the appearance of authenticity. A masquerade mask is less a disguise than it is a genteel agreement that for the duration of the masquerade, identities are set aside and all can mingle as strangers and unknown entities. You can find these costume accessories on eBay where qualified sellers offer them in various styles and shapes and with many reasonable shipping options.