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About Masonic Jewelry

Gold glints by lantern light as a quorum of master Masons induct a new member with a signet ring. Masonic jewelry has always been important in the internal ceremonies and traditions of the Masonic lodges, Protestant secret societies that have been influential in American spirituality. Antique Masonic jewelry includes such pieces as necklaces and rings bearing the compass and G that is universal to the lodges or the less common skull motif, which is nonetheless instantly recognizable as pertaining to the Masons. Much of gold Masonic jewelry is decorated with motifs central to the lodges, like the Hebrew names of God and other important religious iconography rendered in script or text. Older pieces are much more likely to incorporate colored glass in sequences that relate numerically to Biblical chapter and verse and that are meant to conjure the image of stained glass windows in the eyes of beholders. These pieces of jewelry are steeped in the unique history of the Masons. You can find Masonic jewelry through the vast inventory of jewelry and religious icons on eBay.