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About Mason Jars

Forget the fridge. Before keeping a box freezing cold year-round was an option, the solution to preserving food was canning with mason jars. Amazingly, these jars are as popular and necessary as ever, at a time when one would expect them to be relics from the past. They are useful for storing dry goods like beans and rice, making cultured drinks like kefir and yogurt, canning preserves and soups, pickling, and growing sprouts, among other purposes. Sizes available include half-gallon, quart, pint, and half-pint. "Quilted" jelly jars, so named for the crosshatch pattern on the glass, are also available in even smaller sizes like 4 ounces and 8 ounces. Wide-mouth mason jars are better for freezing purposes than regular mouth jars. Mason jars are also perfect for use as vases, pencil holders, piggy banks and, of course, for catching fireflies. Let eBay's wide selection of new and vintage mason jars transform your kitchen, pantry, and home organization.