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About Masks

The mystery and romance of the masquerade ball begin with the mask. Match a masquerade mask to your dress in bright blue or purple, or choose a classic black-and-white mask in "Phantom of the Opera" style. Keep everyone guessing who you are all night, until you choose to reveal yourself. Become your favorite movie monster with a Halloween mask that completes your costume. Host a haunted house in your garage and listen to the screams and laughter when you jump out from a dark corner in a scary clown mask or a Jason mask straight out of "Halloween H2O." Masks have plenty of practical uses as well. Do you have a game of paintball or Airsoft planned with friends? Do not go into battle without a paintball mask or Airsoft mask that provides eye protection and full coverage for your face. Find a mask for your next party, gathering, or outing on eBay. Choose from new and used inventory offered by reliable sellers.