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About Mary Kay Foundation

Ding-dong, who's at the door? Why, your friendly neighborhood beauty consultant, here to help you select the perfect Mary Kay foundation. Since a well-blended base is the key to flawless makeup, the goal is finding foundation in the shade that most closely complements your skin tone. Available in matte and luminous formulas, TimeWise foundation goes above and beyond the call of duty, helping to reduce imperfections and signs of aging with vitamin E and a special blend of peptides. Alternatively, the oil-free medium-coverage foundation provides a more natural look, while keeping that less-than-lovely shiny forehead at bay for up to eight hours. Of course, busy women don't always have time for a face-to-face beauty consultation to help determine which Mary Kay foundation best suits their skin type. In this case, reliable eBay sellers offer a wide selection of new Mary Kay foundation and beauty products that you can browse through, and pick from, whenever you get a break from your hectic schedule.