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About Marx Cars

Since you were little tyke, you loved vroooming your Marx car around the family room floor, around those bright orange racetracks, and through the mazes of dirt in your backyard. You can drive the big boy cars now, but your love and memories of Marx cars never left you. Although Louis Marx and Company ceased production in 1972, you can still find genuine vintage Marx cars in the huge selection offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Walk the cyber lots of tiny autos, and pick out that Marx car you always wanted, or a duplicate of the one you lost as a child. How about a Marx race car, like a brightly striped, tin "Super Streamline Racer," a plastic, friction-propelled blue Jaguar, or a Marx International Sports Car Race Set, complete with slot cars, tracks, and other accessories. If you prefer to ride the rails, bring home vintage Marx train cars. Choose nostalgic boxcars, passenger cars, and freight cars, or indulge in whole sets like a 1960's electric train set or the Marx "Canadian Pacific Old-Time Passenger Car Set." There is no reason to give up one of your first loves. Take the wheel and bring Marx home.