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About Marvel Zombies

In what truly must have been one of the great "a-ha" moments in comic book marketing history, the geniuses running the Marvel Universe had the brilliant idea to combine their extremely popular characters with the wave of zombie popularity sweeping the nation like a plague. The result, Marvel Zombies, spawned a unique series that proved extremely popular with readers and collectors alike. Beginning with the Marvel Zombies comics, the story explained that the origin of the zombie infection was connected to the cult-favorite Army of Darkness series, making it especially attractive among niche collectors. Featuring gruesome undead renderings of a large cast of beloved heroes such as Captain America, the Hulk, and the X-Men, the comics translated fantastically into a series of Marvel Zombies figures sure to stand out against more traditionally-styled action figures. While the threat of zombies might always be looming uncertainly on the horizon, convenient shipping options on eBay ensure that your Marvel Zombies invasion will come right on time.