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About Mario Costumes

With his trademark red hat, blue jean overalls, and thick black moustache, the plumber turned video game superstar Mario plunges through pipes, crushes Goombas, destroys Bowser, and always rescues his princess. Mario is arguably the most popular video game character in history, and with a Mario costume, you can celebrate his long legacy that has converted kids and adults alike for generations. A Mario costume for kids is ideal for the young gamer that wants to impress his friends by showing off his heroic side. For friends or siblings, Mario and Luigi costumes for kids or adults make a fantastic option for Halloween night. These costumes include a red shirt with overalls, white gloves, the famous red Mario hat with the M on it, and a fake mustache to complete the look. Kids have no problem trick-or-treating for hours in this comfortable costume. You can find a Mario costume as well as other Halloween costumes on eBay. With options for kids and adults to dress as Mario, the whole family can participate in the fun on Halloween night.

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