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About Marine Vinyl

Ripped, torn, and sun bleached vinyl on your boat is embarrassing when you want to take someone out on the water. Having your boat redone is expensive, but it is very affordable to buy marine vinyl and do it yourself. The vinyl in your boat is made to withstand sun, water, and even salt, but over time, it does crack, fade, and tear. Foam-backed marine vinyl makes it easy to redo seats, decks, and even interior siding. Just remove the old vinyl, cut the new piece using the old as a pattern, and staple it in place to the back of the board. Keep the marine vinyl lasting much longer by properly caring for it with a UV inhibitor product. Clean the vinyl on a regular basis, never allowing dirt, debris, or even salt from the sea to remain on the material. The vast inventory of marine items on eBay makes it easy to find what you need, so you never have to be embarrassed of your boat again. Carbon-fiber marine vinyl is made to look like brushed aluminum detailing on your boat, and adds a cool, textured look for customized detailing.

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